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  • Drive 909 Truck Tire

    Drive 909 Truck Tire Features
    1.Perfect tractional: particularly designed driving pattern, block pattern plus mansard groove provides good traction performance.
    2.Continously durability: deepen decorative pattern resulting in higher mileage.
    3.Excellent abrasion resistance: improved wear resistance with widen tread design.

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  • Steer 366 Truck Tire

    Steer 366 Truck Tire Advantages
    1. Suitable for steer and all position.
    2. Ex-good load capacity and high-speed capability, extra ordinary anti-side-skid and anti-wet property .

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  • Trailer 308 Truck Tire

    Trailer 308 Truck Tire Features
    1.Premium driving wheel suitable for regional transportation.
    2.Special pattern block with S-shaped steel plate cutter groove provides exceptional traction and driving force.
    3.Deepen pattern groove design provides exceptional traction and driving force.

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  • 868 truckmaster tbr tire

    Trailer 868 Truck Tire

    Trailer 868 Truck Tire Features

    1. less resistance, less friction heat
    2. good driving stability, silence.

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